Set up your ICPI online user account

To set up your ICPI online user account, you must provide some basic contact information (* indicates required fields).  Please note that this information may be used by ICPI to send you information and resources.  ICPI does not distribute email addresses or phone numbers to other parties.  

  • STEP 1: Employer/Organization
    Please click on the  icon to the right of the "Employer Look-up" field to search for your employer/organization record. If a record does not exist, please enter your employer’s name in the field provided below.

  • Click to Get Companies List

  • STEP 2: Name and Password
    Please complete the information requested below.  You will need to create a password for your account - usernames will be automatically generated when you complete this form.  **Please note that the contact information provided should be for the person who will be attending the event/course.